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Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Malaysia: Marrying Aesthetics with Functionality

Kitchen Cabinet Design in Malaysia

Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Malaysia: Marrying Aesthetics with Functionality

The kitchen is the most essential part of your home. For many who love to cook for themselves or their families, it could be even the ‘most’ essential part of the home. Getting the dream kitchen design is many home cooks’ goal.

In recent years, we have seen kitchen design companies launch more luxurious and elegant designs for home kitchens, and some even integrate high-tech into the kitchen.

But today, we will focus on kitchen cabinet designs in Malaysia. Let’s see how modern homeowners blend design with functionality for their kitchen cabinets.

A Rise in Sustainable Material

When choosing a kitchen cabinet design, the first thing that will come to mind is often the material choices. Apart from the traditional or compressed wood selection, we’re also seeing more sustainable and eco-friendly types of wood materials used in kitchen furniture. These materials could be bamboo, reclaimed wood, or other non-wood materials.

Modern households opt for this material because of their increasing awareness of sustainability. These materials are also becoming more accessible in terms of pricing and availability to common households.

These sustainable materials, topped with an elegantly designed metal holder or glass, best give your kitchen a modern and dynamic look!

Bring Colors into the Kitchen

Gone are the days of monochromatic kitchens. Today, Malaysian homes embrace cabinets in various colors that reflect personal style and create vibrant, welcoming spaces.

While neutral tones like peach, white, and even natural wooden colors remain popular for their timeless appeal, we see more people adding more vibrant colors to the kitchen.

For someone wanting an elegant and luxurious kitchen, a dark theme with a black marble tabletop just makes things look lavish. Some would like to go with some pastel color or lighter brown to brighten things up without the whole white design.

High Tech Kitchen Lifestyle

No one can live without technology today, especially in the kitchen. We now see a lot of technology being integrated into the kitchen cabinet design and intelligent appliances to make life much more convenient.

Today, the common technology integrations in kitchens are built-in charging stations, touch-to-open mechanisms, and under-cabinet lighting.

The traditional practice of building in an oven, water basin, and other kitchen appliances makes the whole kitchen look more brilliant.

Functionality and Ergonomics

When everything is designed to be ergonomically fit to the user, enhancing the user experience, so does the kitchen design. Every piece in the kitchen cabinet, from the island to tall units to pull-out drawers, is built to work better with our clumsy human hands.

The height of the users is taken into account, and soft closing became the standard. Handlers are now built better to be used with wet and oily hands or even work ‘hand-free’!

Also, all materials and designs in kitchen cabinets are now designed to be easily cleaned, making cleaning chores much easier so every homeowner can enjoy their cooking time without worrying about the additional cleaning needed.

Open Shelving for Minimalism Design

With minimalism trends kicking in to avoid clutter, some homeowners prefer an open-shelving kitchen cabinet. This means dishware and items are placed openly on the tabletop without many storage compartments or drawers.

You would commonly see this in studio units, where young people embrace their minimalist lifestyle, focusing on functionality over the overly designed concept.

The simplicity of the aesthetic, combined with traditional woodworking craftsmanship, could bring magic to your kitchen cabinet design!

Wrapping Up

The kitchen cabinet design trend constantly changes and often switches based on the generation’s lifestyle. We could see more of these concepts, from technology integration to minimalist concepts, entering the kitchen space.

After all, the kitchen is where one can enjoy cooking or having it serve simple food at home. No matter your design choice, it should always fit your lifestyle best.

With so many advancements and innovations, one wonders, what will the future of kitchen design hold?

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